Mural Fest

Joerael Elliott

Santa Fe

Emerson Elementray School
Southern & Georgia, International District

Broadway & Lead
320 Broadway SE, EDo

Joerael is a narrative artist with a focus on creating complex figurative works. His figurative works focus on the subtle body, psychological imprint and the metabolic hum. In the figures Joerael weaves current and historical content pertaining to social justice, to Earth’s environment, and that of the sacred. His works range from small scale mixed media drawings and paintings to large murals. Joerael has developed a visual and conceptual vocabulary from his direct experience as a yoga practitioner/teacher, activator, traveler, graffiti writer, street artist and as a Texan . Elliott’s intentions as a narrative artist and a teacher of Yoga is to create non-reductive works that cultivate a contemplative space of liberty through living symbolism and the creative unconscious.

Mobilize Walls: is a unique large scale mural project attempting a massive petition of scale. Mobilize Walls utilizes concepts from complexity and network science to achieve an overarching mental model of resistance to counter divisiveness. The work itself may not specifically address complexity / network science, however the overarching project will. This is done by way of making a large quantifiable decentralized network of murals. Creating a decentralized network of murals to out-scale the proposed US/MEX border wall has never been attempted before. Joerael is working to push the boundaries on how current and historical issues are visually portrayed, healed, discussed ,conceptualized, activated and shared through public art.