Mural Fest 2018


Santiago, Chile


Cekis’s career as a visual artist began in the city streets of his native Santiago, Chile. He started painting murals while in high school, and was inspired by the New York graffiti culture and the social mural propaganda from the heavily marked political stage in Chile in 1980’s. After graduating of High School he then decided to become an active graffiti artist. Over time, his work embodied a young generation of artists.

His work transcended communities, helping to create a new massive appeal for a new street culture in Chile. In 2004, Nelson moved to New York, seeking to grow more comprehensively as a creator and adult. Due to the lack of access to paint public walls in New York, his work started to move slowly into the studio and it has broadened into an experimental and investigative collection, developing his own way to paint. His unique perspective as a foreigner only adds more intrigue. Nelson has participated in numerous exhibitions and mural projects locally and across the United States as well as internationally.

Complex Magazine named Cekis as one of the top 50 street artists of all time!