Mural Fest 2018

Justine Swindell

Greetings! I am a DC native, artist and illustrator residing in the Petworth neighborhood of NW DC. I returned to DC a few years ago after spending 10 years in Los Angeles and New York City. I am currently selling art prints and doing a variety of commission jobs. My prints and original pieces have an urban/bohemian/pop art feel. I pull style inspiration from Pop Art, American Modernism, Fashion Illustration, The Harlem Renaissance, and Fauvism movements.

I come from a family of artists; my mother is a fine art painter who taught me formal techniques of drawing and oil painting at a very young age. My elder brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins studied various areas of art, design architecture and theater. They always helped critique my work and expose me to different aspects of art world.

I majored in Digital Art & Design as well as Business Management. During and after my undergraduate studies I did graphic design work for event marketing and illustrations for local newspapers followed by a short stint in animation post-production.