Mural Fest 2018

Roe LiBretto

Roe LiBretto is contributing her rendering expertise and organizational abilities to her first mural project. Roe studied drawing, painting, and design, at the Brooklyn Museum, the School of Visual Arts, and City College of New York. She has exhibited in juried gallery shows in Longmont, CO; New York City; Paris, France; Brooklyn, NY, and Pittsfield, MA, and received commissions, from the New York City Cultural Council and the Massachusetts State Council on the Arts. Roe has shown in many local venues, including the KD Neeley Gallery and Tortuga Gallery. Her work is held in private collections, internationally, and can be found regularly at Ghostwolf Gallery in Old Town.

“My work contains elements of universal stories, presented as a conglomerate of borrowed religious, and personal, iconography. It is a physical manifestation of information found in what Carl Jung referred to as the collective unconscious. Its purpose is to stimulate correspondences of similar scenarios and their accompanying outcomes in the mind of the viewer. Each painting is a meditative piece presented in a humorous, contemporary, eye-catching way.” - Roe LiBretto