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The Kindness Club

Inspire engagement
Engage and empower students with simple, yet powerful literacy projects.

Boost social, emotional and academic achievement.

Reduce discipline issues. Raise retention rates.

Melinda Forward, NBCT, has a mission: increase engagement, reduce discipline issues and reduce the dropout rates for students and teachers. She is determined to pass on her teaching skills to other teachers and students. She designs step-by-step curriculum for her literacy-based school engagement challenges and projects. Using her lessons, schools create new opportunities for students to engage in new conversations about gratitude, positivity, optimism and dreams. These experiences are meant to inspire positivity and build relationships. When students engage, they are more likely to achieve socially, emotionally, and academically.

As the Founder, CEO, and Program Director for Kindness Club International, Melinda is dedicated to creating step-by-step curriculum and training to make it simple for educators and students to implement challenge. projects, and start up Kindness Clubs. She does in-service training, workshops and coaching. She also leads student workshops and conferences. Contact her for more information.

Melinda Forward is a National Board Certified Teacher with 27 years of classroom experience. She is also an experienced author, presenter, and teacher-trainer. She founded the We All Have a Voice! Student Empowerment Program to inspire students to speak up through special Positivity Projects, including #ThankfulThursday, DREAM Walls, and 1,000 Thank Yous CHALLENGE. Through these School Culture-Builders, students have the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with others so they can make a difference for others and change their world.

Melinda specializes in working with inspired school leaders who want to help students, especially those who do not feel like they have a voice, learn tools to empower themselves and inspire others so they can create the world they imagine. Melinda’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious and participants in her programs learn how they can take that positivity into their own schools to shift school culture.