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Gus Dark

Bali, Indonesia
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Gus Dark

Gus Dark was born in East Bali, on the 21st of July 1982. A summer baby who loves drawing, music, and film. He found his creative hunger at a young age. In his village he became the go-to person for when a drawing was needed.

Gus studied Graphic at the Modern School of Design in Jogja where he found mentors and inspiration. He has always dreamed big, but only needed a computer, design software, a cup of coffee and music to place him in his creative zone.

As a cartoonist one of his first characters was “Mang Ogel” whose name was given by an editor and published of a Newspaper he worked for. You can view some of the cartoons at

In 2013 Gus was awarded - as marine awareness through environmental cartoons - as the Superstar Supporter Award by ROLE Foundation. 2014 he joined the Relawan Jokowi movement by sending his artwork to "Kolak Kotak" Call of duty at Peduli Sampah Jilid II Cartoon Exhibition Singaraja and Cartoon Exhibition Surabaya with the Indonesian Cartoonist Community. 2nd Winner at Walhi (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup) Cartoon Event. He is a member of the Malang Cartoon Community, 'Menolak Lupa - tribute to Munir' and a member of Pakarti (Persatuan Kartunis Indonesia). Awarded 2nd Winner Poster for Anti Corruption month held by KPK and participated in Indonesia World Record 'Komik Terpanjang' with 31 artists from all over Indonesia. Attended Summer Festival 2.0 in Celukan Bawang, Buleleng, Bali-Green Peace Indonesia as a moderator and ran workshops in creating Propaganda.

Gus is a founding member of 'Seni Lawan Korupsi-Bali' community established in 2015 that works side by side with KPK, Indonesian Corruption Watch and etc.

In 2019 Gus Dark created the superheroine character comic for BASAbali - - called Luh Ayu Manik Mas which lead to him joining workshops at Twitter Asia headquarters in Singapore #CampaignsForChange.

Today he continues to spread propaganda the the physical and digital realms of the world.

Bali Street Mums Project

BSM mission is to provide food and medical aid, schooling and support to impoverished mothers and children who are begging on the urban streets of Bali, also many who have been trafficked or suffered assault.
Bali Street Mums and Kids Project
The Problem
For three generations mothers and children have come from the impoverished villages of the Karangasem region, to the urban streets to beg.  Babies begin their little lives on the polluted streets and children run up to cars late at night.  The children and mothers suffer malnutrition, illnesses and abuse. Often the children are abducted from the streets and sold to pedophiles. These children have no hope of going to school or ever getting a job to escape their poverty. These children in turn will take infants to the street and so the cycle of poverty, begging and abuse continues.
• Food and Medical Aid. • Family planning counseling and prenatal health.

• A safe house for children and mothers who are very sick or have suffered abuse.

• Schooling for children who have spent their lives begging or selling tissues  on the streets who have never had the opportunity to go to school.  These children are made responsible to support their families, and are subjected to abuse and illness.

• By providing an education we aim to stop the cycle of poverty and empower the children.  We aid the children through school and after that into jobs and higher education, ending the cycle of poverty.

• Mothers Social Enterprise: Training to make craft and merchandise sold various shops.  This way the mothers earn a good income and no longer need to take their children to the streets to beg.
Expected Impact
Increase the capacity beyond:
• Current 50 families  with 100 children in school and 30 mothers working in Bali Street Mums Social Enterprise or Micro businesses.

• Food and medical aid provided to over 100 families each day.

• Larger impact this year with aid to mothers and children in Ubud, the Bukit and Canggu areas.
Raising Goals
187JT • $12,507USD

Impact NFT
Bali Street Mums • 496 IDR
Google Play • Android
Safari • iPhone