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Bali, Indonesia
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Joseph-Recycling | Mural Fest 2022 • Bali Collective
Joseph Recycling


Joseph is ten years old and runs his own recycling project which has a very clear mission: to clean up Bali, give jobs to locals, and pay for schooling for children. He came up with the idea about 7 months ago when he was playing with his friends. He saw that they were collecting rubbish and taking it to the dump to sell. His friends then gave the money to their parents to buy food. Joseph started selling rubbish and bought snacks for his friends.
Joseph’s Big Dream
The Problem
Plastic waste pollution and lack of capacity to process it in Bali
New storage and workshop facility: Simple structure with a concrete floor, roof and a toilet where plastic recycling processing can be performed, new techniques can be developed, and recycling can be stored.

Processing machines: Plastic shredder, Industrial gas oven, and 20 ton Hydraulic Press.

10 day Bali remote beach cleanups: Joseph will drive around Bali in a truck meeting locals, sharing his message, and cleaning up remote beaches. Connections will be made with heads of villages to make sure the project has a lasting impact on each village.
Expected Impact
Local waste management improvements, reducing plastics going into the environment, landfills and reducing CO2 emissions from logistics to processing plants in Java.

Project is currently sponsoring 6 children yearly school fees and has created one full time job. With the processing machines, storage, and workshop plants the capacity would increase resulting in higher employment opportunities and the potential to sponsor more children’s educational needs.

Relationships created with communities and heads of villages to raise awareness in order to have a long lasting impact.
Raising Goals
New Storage Workshop Facility: 120,000,000IDR • $8,000USD
Processing Machines: 36,836,000IDR • $2,505USD
10 Day Bali Remote Beach Cleanups: 10,000,000IDR • $680USD
Impact NFT
Joseph Recycling • 300 IDR
Google Play • Android
Safari • iPhone