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Merah Putih Hijau | Mural Fest 2022 • Bali Collective
Merah Putih Hijau


MPH solves waste management at its root and builds the financially self-sustainable infrastructure that enables local leaders to persistently drive change over time.
Desa Sidan Organic Farming Project
The Problem
Farmers are reluctant to switch to organic farming systems due to their lack of understanding about organic farming practices. They have become accustomed to relying on the practical use of chemical fertilizers, without really considering the impact it will have on crop yields and especially the soil.
The Organic Farming Development program in Sidan Village will be carried out in an area of 10 hectares with a focus on mentoring and training farmers for organic farming practices. Mentoring and training are important because this program is aimed at changing the mindset and work practices of farmers.
Expected Impact
Farmers are expected to be able to understand organic farming practices and be committed to switching to an organic farming system. The hope is that farmers are able to make soil amendments from materials available in the surrounding environment with minimal carbon emissions in order to ensure sustainable agricultural land and healthy food production.
Raising Goals
189,000,000 IDR • $12,500 USD
Impact NFT
Merah Putih Hijau • 995 IDR
Google Play • Android
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